Alessio Capotondi - Fotografika
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Alessio Capotondi

Alessio Capotondi

Architecture/Commercial  Photographer

I am Alessio, a professional Photographer born in  Rome (Italy) on 12 January 1973.

Even though sometimes i make portrait or event sessions i am more inclined to still life Photography, i just love to shoot architectures and interiors with a growing passion for food and wine photography.

I like to use artificial lighting and spending time for the right setup or shooting multiple frames of the same ambient with different spots of light. I just love the control over colours and atmosphere that only the artificial lighting can give.

I don’t have much time to shoot for fun but ,when i do have time, i like to go around with a small camera and a 35mm lens because it pushes me to move a lot to find the right framing.

I actually do not use much zoom lenses because they can make you lazy and miss the right spot.

Have you ever heard something like “is the photographer not the camera?” well i wasn’t the one to say that, i actually think that tools are really important , i keep myself updated on all the latest news and technologies and when i find something interesting i just go for it. I choose my equipment for what they allow me to  offer to my customers and not because of the brand or price.