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Assistant Photographer

Hello guys,

My name is Duque, I am a French Bulldog. A very big and strong French Bulldog. I like to eat ( a lot and very fast), to sleep ( and snore)  and to enjoy Tenerife’s sun. People like me, because I walk funny and I wear shoes. How many dogs have you seen wearing shoes lately, me – none .. that makes me also special. Today I am able to run together with Pepita but it wasn’t always like that. I was discovered paralyzed and .. sad.. thanks to the Social Network the woman who found me was able to raise enough money for my back surgery and found a temporary home for me to recover. I liked my new home from the first moment I entered. The terrace was big, I had over energized friend Pepita and Alessio and Kaidi gave me a big piece of jamon to shew.. My new temporary mommy and daddy definitely knew my taste… Weeks passed and with A LOT of help and training I started to walk again. No one knew where will be my new home until the day I received a collar tag with my name and Alessios phone number. That day everyone knew that I have found my real home.

Today I a happy doggy, who has many friends to run with. Sometimes we go to the beach so I can take my shoes off , run and relax. I am very famous around my area, people see me and tell me how beautiful legs I’ve got now 🙂 I am the mascot of the Club de La Huella and I even had my very own photography session with my friends.Life is good!

What .. Wait.. I gotta go, I smell food…