Kaidi Hinnosaar - Fotografika
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Kaidi Hinnosaar

Kaidi Hinnosaar

Graphic Designer

My name is Kaidi and I am graphic designer. I was born in a cold and windy country called Estonia. No I am not from Australia, Astonia or Asturias ( North of Spain) like many people understand when the hear “Estonia”. Estonia locates under Finland.. and it is the home for Skype and Wetransfer ( the proud moment:) I bet you didn’t know that!

Anyway.. I always liked art.. I made my first “painting” when I was 3 years old. I still have it .. And I find it awesome! I started to draw when I was about 12 years old.. I loved pencils and chalk. I studied art for 5 years in school.. What I understand now about art & school is that when you are able to make a beautiful art piece then teachers always tried to find a mistake in it and to put it down somehow.. and when you literally sucked in art ,they tried to find something nice about it.. So I understood that the best school is practice by yourself…

So far I have been learning drawing, painting , graphic design, aerograph, tattooing (???), interior design, sculpture, feng shui, reiki, body pump, energetic healing, to create gigantic murals, to detect geomagnetic stress ( 😀 ) …

So you may ask what matches reiki and feng shui with graphic design ? Well .. when I am energetically well aligned with reiki, working in harmonious environment created by following Feng Shui then I am able to create better designs.. 😉 So I see every weird skill that I learned in my life as a piece that enables me today be a better designer.

My best teacher now is my sweet husband Alessio 🙂 Because he always says truth about my designs.. even when in some moments it is hard to hear critics over my design, it pushes me to do more.. and to succeed. So I am very thankful for that!