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Hi guys, my name is Pepita i am a French Bulldog and i am going to tell you my story.

I was a really small puppy , well i am not that big also today, but when i was few months old i was quite small. I was spending my days in the shop, inside a big cage with a glass window so that people could see me, the shop owner was really nice to me, she was bringing me at her home for the weekends and sometimes also for the night. There were many people coming to see me, i remember this big faces coming towards me, they were smiling now i know it, but , at the time, they look  scary to me. So scary that i wanted to run away but i couldn’t, my only chance was to freeze in the corner of the cage waiting for this people to go away and hoping they wouldn’t hurt me. I know it sounds crazy, and today i know it, but hey i was a small puppy how i could know what this people wanted?

One day, it was the beginning of december, this couple came in, she was beatiful, he was tall and not beatiful, she came close to me but not that close while he went to talk with the shop owner . I know they were talking about me because his was moving his hands, loooking at me. Later i got to know he was italian , they always move their hands when they talk.

She kept looking at me from a fair distance without getting to close and without lifting up her hands, i almost hoped they wanted to bring me home, but they went away quite soon.

Day were passing , all the same, then before Christmas this couple came back, they came to check i was still there. Yes i was.

The tall man went again to talk with the shop owner asking why i was still there, she explained that i was too scared and people didn’t like it so much , that’s they weren’t buying me and, maybe, now for Christmas there were some better chances. He looked at me and went away. The beautiful girl didn’t talk and didn’t come close to me, she was only looking at me with her sweet smile, for the first time i wasn’t afraid, i actually wanted to get close to her , but i i was in the cage.

At the beginning of January the same couple came in, the tall man went straight to shop owner and said: we are bringing her at home with us.

Few minutes later i was riding a motorbike, other few minutes and i was in their house, i had a huge soft bed, i could run all over the house, i was so happy that i forgot to be afraid, i was jumping over them, i wanted them to touch me , i needed them to get close.

Since then we have been together , me and the couple, and i do everything i can to make them happy , i even accepted to share my space and my couple with Duque, he is cute but he snores a lot and is so slow 🙂

When we go to run on the beach or on the golf course i can make circles around him, but at the end of the day we go to sleep together , we share our big bed and he is a gentleman, he always let me eat first.

Now you know my story, it’s an happy ending one, i am lucky not many other are so lucky, and remember, i am not afraid anymore, so if i will meet you be sure i will come to greet you.

The End.

Actually i could write more but i have to go to work, Kaidi is nothing without my help….