Photography during Coronavirus times

Will Photography business change after the coronavirus pandemic? If yes how it will change?

I personally think that photography as all other marketing tools such as videos, design, virtual tours etc.. will be even more important in the future as they were perceived until now.

We are confined in our houses and now even the more reluctant customer would like to have nice presentations, photos and other instruments that can be used to engage with potential customer without a physical presence, life as we were used to live will struggle to come back, during this time we have also learned some lessons, we don’t need to go around all the time, there are many many activity that can be conducted “online” reducing by much the time needed for their execution, thus leaving us with more free time to enjoy our lives and our families.

We all must take out something out of this, we all have to change our way to conduct our lives, internet is a really power instrument that can’t be used just for email or social networking, must be used at our advantage to improve our life quality.

In particular for our business real estates. contractors, architects and all the professionals and company working in the estate business must start to invest in technological instruments and use them to promote and conduct their business, and the following is , in my opinion, the best workflow to use:

1)the estate is published online using professional photography, not 50 or 60 bad photos but just 10/15 max 20 professional photos and possibly staged.

2)the potential customer surfing the web will be able to get a feeling of the house and also of the professionalism of the seller.

3)first contact are taken, consequentially other instruments like small videos and/or virtual tour are sent to the customer , virtual tour specifically allow the potential customer to move around the house almost like he was in there and would be able to understand immediately if this estate could be a potential one for him.

4)when 2 or 3 estates are selected is the moment when personal visits can be arranged and focused only on the really interesting ones.

There are multiples advantages to this workflow, it is eco friendly for all the parts involved and also for the ecosystem, is professional, is helpful and the customer won’t be stressed with too many delusional visits.

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