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About This Project

Interior Design Photography

We had the amazing opportunity to photograph and incredible apartment in La Caleta, Tenerife. In this Interior Design Photography session we created more than 20 images over the one day shoot for our client.
We loved the design and and freshness of the modern terrace , which became our main photography obsession in this location. Every angle of the terrace was just too nice not to capture it, so we decided to cover all the angles. For the interior photos, in the kitchen we decided to go with a straight photograph which was also the best looking angle. Photographing the living room was a bit trickier ,because we wished all the element to be presented. The tv and the couch in the center, sunlight from the window on the left and the piece of kitchen counter on the right side came out as the best option. The best result for Interior Design Photography comes from finding the harmony between the design, form and the 3- dimensional space within a camera frame, creating interesting lighting with strobes and flashes. I think this time it all came out pretty good 🙂


Design Apartment

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