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About This Project

Rural House Photography in Tenerife

This week photography session brings us to Chirche, Tenerife. Nature, mountains and breath taking views to La Gomera, cozy rural environment and historical building techniques, they are all part of our photography session.

With the luxury of having plenty of time we decided to use the Flash Photography on the location. The combination of dark environment and small windows makes the Flash Photography a perfect solution to give some extra glow to the room and to neutralize ” the tunnel ” effect. In the case of older historical buildings the flash helps to give fresh  shine to the fabrics and to life up the surfaces. The mountain views came adorable , sadly the view to La Gomera was cloudy all the week. The customers were very happy with the photos, also because the contrast between their old photography and our new photography were enormous. Stay tuned for “before and after photography ” post 😉


Villa in Chirce

Architecture Photography