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Stiffe Caves Photography

During our visit to Italy we found a wonderful opportunity to photograph Stiffe Caves in L’Aquila. Stiffe Caves were opened only for one day for photographers ,so we spent very mineralized and fresh Sunday afternoon photographing rocks and water. Have to say without the tripod in such a low light we had to get pretty creative to capture in focus photos 🙂

The Caves of Stiffe are, technically speaking, a resurgence, which is the point where a river comes back to light after a stretch underground; in the case of Stiffe this point is located at the apex of the gorge overlooking the small town of the same name.

The presence of the river, which at certain times of the year reaches large flow, it is definitely the most important feature of the Caves, which are sometimes crossed by a small stream whose waters murmur and whisper, other times they are crossed by a river that rushes downstream rapids and waterfalls along with a deafening roar.

The resurgence of Stiffe has been known for many years by the locals, since there are documents that make up the knowledge of the first areas a long time ago. The presence of a copious stream inside the cave allowed at the beginning of the twentieth century, the construction of a hydroelectric power plant: fed by the waters carried down through a penstock, of which some part is still visible near the entrance, and was used as a source of energy until its destruction during the Second world War.
The project to develop tourism in the cave dates back more than thirty years ago, but only in the eighties were provided for the implementation, in order to reach, in 1991, at the opening of the tourist complex “Stiffe Caves”.


Stiffe's Caves

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